Frequently Asked Questions


What is SHARE Iowa’s mission?

We connect Iowans to nonprofits through charitable donations, in-kind gifts, and volunteerism.  Our mission is to inspire a culture of giving in western Iowa.


What does SHARE Iowa do?

SHARE Iowa offers the giving public opportunities to connect with nonprofits by donating, volunteering, and shopping wish lists.


How are nonprofits selected to join SHARE Iowa?

SHARE Iowa is a unique resource for our western Iowa region.  A nonprofit must serve primarily Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, and/or Shelby counties in Iowa.  Organizations can include churches, schools, and clubs.  Organizations are not required to have a functioning website, the SHARE Iowa platform can serve that need.  We do ask that community members be able to donate to an organization either through their own website or through SHARE Iowa.

If you are a nonprofit organization within the counties we are launching SHARE Iowa in, we welcome you to create a profile and join us on SHARE Iowa!


How are nonprofits listed on the site?

Nonprofits are featured randomly regardless of size, age, or cause. Search results are randomized each day, in an unbiased manner.  Donors can filter their nonprofit search by the population served, geographic location, and specific cause addressed.


Does SHARE Iowa charge nonprofits to participate?

SHARE Iowa and all its benefits are completely free to nonprofits.  For donations through SHARE Iowa, we utilize Stripe, which charges a low service fee per transaction. Donors are invited to cover this fee for nonprofits.


What makes SHARE Iowa unique?

SHARE Iowa is the only online platform where donors can discover ways to support, serve, or shop for western Iowa local nonprofits all in one place, 365 days a year.  Western Iowa has strong communities, nonprofits, and donors who want to continue supporting and developing the area.  SHARE Iowa is the platform that promotes philanthropy in western Iowa, so Iowan’s can give where we live.


Who is supporting SHARE Iowa?

SHARE Iowa is supported by the Community Foundation for Western Iowa and other Iowa funders including the Lakin Foundation, Iowa West Foundation, Google, and Iowa Council of Foundations.


Have more questions?

We are here to help you!  Catrina Trabal, at, will be a resource for you as you create and navigate the many benefits of your SHARE Iowa profile!