Omaha Better Birth Project

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Samantha Wall
Primary Contact Name
Samantha Wall
Main Address

6232 N 104th St
Omaha, NE 68134
United States

What We Do

Omaha Better Birth Project works to decrease inequities in childbirth by providing access to doula services, childbirth education, and prenatal & postpartum support for low-income and teen families in the Omaha area. These services are research-proven approaches to improving both maternal and newborn outcomes in childbirth.  As with any healthcare program, these services come at a cost; a cost that can be a significant barrier to those without financial security. Omaha Better Birth Project seeks to fill the gap of missing services between the financially secure and insecure with our programming.

Description of birth doula grant program and childbirth education grant program, including eligibility, requirements, and how to apply.


Through our Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Grants Programs we provide families with access to these essential, evidence-based practices that reduce the risk of birth complication and lead to better outcomes. In addition to our grants program, we provide families in-need with monthly, supplemental diapers and wipes through our Fresh Start Diaper Program and social care referrals through our social care assistance program. We envision a world where all expectant families are guaranteed access to the services, support, and education needed to set them down a path to a safe, informed, and empowered birth experience.

Text describing the fresh start diaper program and social care assistance program, including eligibility, requirements, and how to apply.
Interesting Info
  • In 2022, we issues 18 Birth Doula Grants!
  • We have supported more than 600 families with essential pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn supplies!
  • We have provided more than 20,000 diapers to Omaha families!
Geographic Location

Douglas County, NE, Sarpy County, NE, Washington County, NE, Pottawattamie County, IA

Executive director, Samantha Wall, holding envelopes with text "the first 3 grant payments are headed out into the community today!"
Executive Director, Samantha Wall, loading boxes of diapers into a car.
Community baby shower attendees sitting in chairs watching education on car seat safety.
Community baby shower attendees sitting in chairs watching safe sleep education.
Diapers, wipes, and tote bag with baby items sitting on a front porch.