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Ms. Amanda Angle
Ms. Elizabeth Hunter
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Elizabeth Hunter
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Council Bluffs, IA 51503
United States

What We Do

The Pollinator Alliance of the Heartland is a group of passionate, concerned, and dedicated people coming from all walks of life determined to make a difference in our communities on behalf of our pollinators through education, engagement, community partnerships.

Pollinators are essential to our environment. The ecological service they provide is necessary for the reproduction of most of the world’s flowering plants including more than two-thirds of crop species. Aside from agriculture, pollinators help provide a major part of the diet of birds and mammals.

Pollinator populations are threatened due to habitat loss, pesticide and herbicide use, and diseases. The good news is what is good for pollinators is good for humans too and there is something we can do! The easiest way to make an immediate difference is to plant the native plants our pollinators evolved with. Unfortunately, most of the landscaping plants available in nurseries are alien species from other countries. These exotic species not only sever the food web, but many have become invasive pests out-competing native species degrading remaining natural habitat.

Landscaping choices can have meaningful effects on the populations of birds and the insects they need to survive. The traditional suburban lawn on average has 10x more chemical pesticides per acre than farmland. By choosing native plants for your landscaping, you are not only helping wildlife and pollinators, but you are also creating a healthier place for yourself, your family, and your community.

We invite you to join us in changing the world for pollinators, one native plant at a time! Please join us to help:

• Advocate for pollinators in our community to increase habitat and pollinator populations.

• Promote the use of native plants and support native ecosystems and native pollinators.

• Promote and provide educational opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding of approaches to pollinator conservation.

• Volunteer for community pollinator habitat projects and outreach events.

• Participate and help organize community pollinator projects and outreach events.

• Partner with local businesses and organizations to focus on pollinator success.

Interesting Info
  • We already have completed in several places around the Metro area.
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Council Bluffs, Douglas County, NE, Washington County, NE, Sarpy County, NE