African Culture Connection

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Hubert Charles Ahovissi
Primary Contact Name
Charles Ahovissi
Main Address

African Culture Connection
8031 West Center Rd.
Suite 207
Omaha, NE 68124
United States

United States

What We Do

At African Culture Connection (ACC), we are driven by a passion to empower people of all ages with knowledge and understanding that deepens their connection to Africa's rich cultural legacy and the global community. Our organization presents a unique art form rooted in oral tradition: traditional African dance, drumming, and visual arts.

Through our comprehensive in-school and after-school programs, we provide hands-on experiences that immerse students in West African dance, drumming, and visual arts. Our dedicated team of teaching artists ensures that these educational experiences are not only informative but also enjoyable and engaging, leaving students with a profound appreciation for how Africa's legacy resonates with their lives.

In addition to our educational initiatives, we offer workshops and performances for audiences of all ages. Our talented group of local and international performing artists captivates audiences with storytelling through dance and drumming, fostering community engagement and highlighting the positive contributions of Africa.

We invite you to join us in our mission to deepen the connection between people and Africa's cultural heritage, all while fostering a sense of global community. Discover the beauty, rhythm, and traditions that African culture brings. Together, let's empower minds and celebrate diversity.

Interesting Info
  • ACC's education program has been recognized nationally for its contribution to youth arts and humanities.
  • ACC reaches over 6,000 students and family members each year.
  • Charles Ahovissi, ACC's Executive Director, toured the world with the Ballet National of Benin prior to founding ACC.
Geographic Location

North Omaha, Washington County, NE, Sarpy County, NE, Iowa, Saunders County, NE, Dodge County, NE

ACC's summer community event performance
Teaching students in our school-residency program how to use the Djembe drum
In school residency
in-school residency
musical explorers